About Jéaneve

Hello my name is Jean and I’d love to introduce myself. I have been artistic, creative and avid crafter for most of my life with a huge variety of interests including garment design and construction, cake decorator, home furnishings and lace making. I was a seamstress for many year designing and creating many wedding gowns for some beautiful brides and their bridesmaids. I’ve had a keen interest in fashion and tailoring from a very young age.

I’ve created bespoke wedding cakes, and my most prized creations were for my daughter on her special wedding day creating her wedding cake, wedding dress, 5 brides maids and tailored suits – what was quite and undertaking !

Despite being a qualified designer and seamstress for many years, this has seamed more like a hobby as my interests are very deep rooted. I gain an immense amount of pleasure from creating and bringing to life concepts and ideas, and seeing the pleasure it brings to others when their dreams are realised and brought to life.

I have, for most of my life, desired to run my own business but never seamed to have the time to bring this to a realisation. Then a few years ago I started to raise money for Cancer Research following a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer myself. I felt drawn, even compelled, to contribute to the ongoing clinical research for this disease and to support others who also need much needed support with their terminal conditions.

With my love of creativity I started to create jewellery pieces. With such wonderful interest from others in my creations, I decided to take the plunge and focus my attentions on a bigger scale. Therein was born Jéaneve.

My passion, creative mind, determination and focus is what gives me purpose.

With that in mind I now select pieces of jewellery that I feel drawn to and donate a percentage of all funds raised to Cancer Research – so you know that with every purchase I am giving back to a very worthy cause that is very much at the forefront of my life, and mind.

Every piece makes a contribution for which I thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.